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Company Introduction

PT. ABY ASIA SEPAKAT is an fast growing general company trading located at Jakarta, Indonesia. PT. ABY ASIA SEPAKAT is a registered general importer, holder of GENERAL IMPORT IDENTITY NUMBER No: 090516277-P and is an active trader who routinely carries out import and export to a number of potential international markets.

We have full control over the domestic supplier network in Indonesia and routinely send export goods to several international market destinations. Conversely, we also handle requests for imports of goods from the international market to Indonesia and help our clients all in for all their import needs. Generally our partners are young entrepreneurs, suppliers and manufacture sellers who do not have import legality and are very ignorant of the rules in Indonesian customs. We provide comprehensive import assistance services and ensure our colleague's business can run in balance with our overall corporate goals.

What we do?

We trade over the countries and continent.

PT. ABY ASIA SEPAKAT is an official import export company. We trade globally and provide import export services also to help our partner which was doesn't have import export licensed yet.

We provide Import export of records services (undername services), Customs clearance handling service, Freight Forwarding air and sea port services, Import duty, VAT and others taxes payment, HS code correction advice, Customs negotiation, Storage, THC services, Arrange your cargo from loading port, local shipment and make sure all your export import business will handling by our expert team and ensure that should be going faster, reliable and on time.

How we do?

PT ABY ASIA SEPAKAT already have enough experience at the international trading market. We have succeeded in building a warm network with several strong corporations in Asia and we currently hold grade A + as a trading partner in Indonesia. Our main ability is to master the customs network in Indonesia. We have a field team that is able to coordinate deeply with all customs staff and this gives more value to our business.

We are experience in all the export import business fields. We serve in, and the range of services we provide, makes us one of the most comprehensive trading and freight forwarding service providers in the Jakarta. And, with the help of continuous support and trust of our clients. Our sophisticated systems, neatly designed for trading and freight forwarding process, state of the art logistic tools and equipment, most advanced carriers, customs tailored services, and dedication to keep the costs low for end users, help us to provide logistic solution that aligns well with our clients’ requirements. We welcome you to our site, and request you to consult with our trading and freight forwarding experts for your logistic needs, and rest assured of getting done.


Meet our team!




Founder and Managing Director. Have an amazing corporate management skill and be able to interact with all stakeholders in Indonesia. He has a vision of the company's development mission and successfully implements the company's risk management appropriately, measurably and effectively. Together with him, the golden achievement of a company oriented to the global market becomes one thing for sure.




Founder and Director of Business Development. Having a keen instinct in research, being able to develop a corporate network independent, independent and always find smart solutions unimaginable before. He is an important figure in the company. The presence of business development ideas and concepts that he offers is the best intake of nutrients that continue to be accepted and developed the company




Founder and Director of Operations and Investment. The genius figure in regulating international trade traffic, regulating trade links with the premiere banks of several countries and key figures bridging the needs of local and international Investment. His trader banking network is one of the best assets of the company in order to bring the company to go public in the future.



A young, dynamic and talented person. He placed us to handle various demand and procurement needs of goods from Asia's largest market. The ability to negotiate with the seller in China is a more valuable asset for the company. He has outstanding performance, is tireless and able to complete work in any time and condition. Any pressure will make him stronger and more powerful.




The figure of a leader in the company's operations. Having the ability to ensure the company's operations in the field can run optimally. He is an important bridging character who bridges negotiations with stakeholders in customs. Advise from him is one of the best determinants of the benchmark profit to the company. Smart, fast, nimble and true executor capacity!