How outsourcing your logistic needs to us can prove to be cost-effective for you?

It is a known fact that having an in-house logistic department can enhance a company’s overall operational cost by a great margin, and this also affects the net profit and the benefits that the company wants to pass on to their clients. A smooth logistic operation is essential to the success of the company and the customer satisfaction it provides to its customers.

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Undername Import for Garments

Garment is one product that has a large market share in Indonesia. With a population of almost 300 million people in Indonesia, the market of garment products in Indonesia is believed to be growth and growing at the future. However, garment products and garment derivatives are ones of the products specially regulated in the Indonesian import regulation. The Government of Indonesia has added an additional import permit for this garment product which aims to regulate and control of garments imported to be balanced with the needs of local garments industry.

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