You do not have enough import export permission yet in Indonesia?, want to import export but confused with the rules and permissions?, Worried if you then get stuck at the customs and than you will must pay more for the hidden costs?, Doubted of your forwarding quality?. Don't worry, you can hire us for all your import export services needed in Indonesia.

Introduce, PT ABY ASIA SEPAKAT is ones fast growing Indonesia trading company which was provided specialized Importer and Exporter of Record services (“Under Name” service) to our multinational clients globally. We serve international trading, import export services, under name for import export, customs handling, warehousing, freight forwarding and acted as the seller and buyer representative trusted agent.Basically you can conduct goods import export from and to Indonesia today even you are not have any import export permit yet. As an active importer and exporter company in Jakarta we also provide export import corporate trade facilities cooperation by using our trade facilities company. This service is commonly called under name export import or over consignee shipping service. On an international scale this service is called import-export of records.

What we do as IOR - Importer of Record?

  • Do compliance assessment.
  • Act as an importer for customs and taxation declaration purposes at the time of import.
  • Prepare reports to Customs, Tax and other state agencies, be responsible for legal compliance and inventory registry during the term of imports.
  • Obtain necessary import licenses and permits.
  • Maintain records for the minimum duration required by the customer and under local Law.
  • Pay all import and export duties and taxes.
  • Provide storage and warehousing service, if required by customer.

What are customer Benefits if hired us for IOR?

  • We will perform compliance assessment to define import restrictions (import licenses, import permits, certification required), acquisition process and timeline for permits and certification, customs taxes, duties and charges.
  • Simplification of shipments customs clearance – PT ABY ASIA SEPAKAT is a licensed customs broker with highly efficient and experienced staff.
  • We will provide legal entity to act as an Importer of Record (IOR) – this will save the customer costs of establishing legal entities in the country - office and warehouse rent or purchasing, staff salary, salary taxes and hardship allowances.

What other documents do need your prepare before?

  • A packing list is a document prepared by the seller that indicates the product details, the volume of the shipment either in Kg or CBM, and allows to check whether the shipment has been packed correctly or not.
  • A proforma invoice or a commercial invoice are documents that provide the total value of the shipment usually in US dollar hence would have a sufficient information in determining the import duties and taxes, and the eligibility of the shipment.
  • Bill of lading or air waybill are documents acknowledging the transport of the shipment. Bill of Lading (BL) if the shipment arrived via sea freight. Airway Bill (AWB) if the shipment arrived via air freight.